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ESF Apex Strategies Limited Services

Audit and Tax Management

Audit and Tax management play a critical role in administration of tax laws. We ensure that we help you to interpret complex tax laws and promote maximum voluntary compliance to tax laws by the taxpayers in any given jurisdiction.

Baseline Surveys

We provide professional consultancy services to government agencies and non-governmental organizations prior implementation of projects/programmes through a marker with which status in future, during and after project intervention can be compared.

Corporate Training

Training is key for corporate/organizations who need to give their employees a competitive edge on their behalf in the ever-changing markets. ESF Apex Strategies provides a wide range of training products as well as in-house tailor made trainings as per the need of individual organization.

Financial Management Services:

At ESF we provide organizations with Financial Management Services that work together to make administration seamless and efficient. This ensures that organizations goals are delivered accurately, timely and give useful information to support in decision making

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Monitoring's main objective is to keep work on track and help project managers; donor and other stakeholders know when things are going wrong. Evaluation on the other hand enables different stake holders compare actual project impacts against the agreed strategic plans.

Procurement and Logistics Management:

We facilitate corporate/organizations in negotiating high-value contracts by minimizing hidden costs through various strategies regardless of the industry.

Strategic Management:

Every organization needs to manage its employees in a manner which maximizes their ability of achieving business objectives and keep an eye on its goals and objectives. We help corporate organizations in developing and implementing objectives through incorporating various functional areas of the organization completely and ensure that they harmonize together well.