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Three Days Training Courses

CourseTargetBrief Descriptioncost
Corporate Leadership & GovernanceSenior government officers(Job Group 'N' and above Corporate Managers, Companies, NGOs, Parastatals etc)This is a three day course that covers the following modules:- Corporate governanceframework and mechanisms. The interface between board and management interfaces.30,000.00
Administrative skills courseGovernment Officers at supervisory level Administrative Officers (Corporates, NGOs, Parastatals etc).This is a three day course that covers the following modules:- Management tools and principals. Setting performance targets. Corporate planning. Motivating staff. SWOT analysis Monitoring and evaluation35,000.00
Project ManagementProject Managers/Coordinators in Non-governmental institutions. Any other professionals involved in projects especially donor funded projectsThis is a three day course aims to impart knowledge and skills useful in Project Management. Particularly, the course will run participants through design and implementation phases of strict deliverable-based projects40,000.00
Advanced records management course(computer based)Officers working in accounts, stores, registry, personnel and libraryThis is three day course. The course aims at equipping participants with the necessary skills needed to manage records effectively through ICT40,000.00
Records managementSmall business owners Registry office Record managers and officers Other professional involved in records managementThis is a three day course. The course aims to sharpen the skills of the people involved in record keeping and general records management.30,000.00
Tax Management for profit and non-profit organizationsAccountants Auditors Tax managersThis is three day course. Understanding the Kenyan tax law is important in the management of any enterprise. The tax system allows for various incentives to investors and is very punitive for non-compliance. This course seeks to help participants to comply with all aspects of taxation while taking advantage of the various incentives provided by the government.40,000.00
Computer security and mantainanceComputer technicians IT Support personnel Network administrators Anyone with interest in computersThis is a two day course that covers theory and practice of computer security, focusing in particular on the security to information and data on computer. System security issues such as viruses, intrusion and firewall will also be covered40,000.00
HIV/AIDS and DevelopmentHuman resource managers/officers Program managers Departmental heads Team leaders Local government employees. Supervisors of NGOs, CBOs, churches and academic team membersThis is three day course that aims to increase the capacity of participants with knowledge/skills and appropriate attitudes needed as they respond to the current and future needs relating to HIV/AIDS40,000.00
Participatory Monitoring and EvaluationProject managers and coordinators Development workers/field workers. Development volunteers Social workersThis a three day course that seeks to enhance participant's skills and knowledge on methods/tools/process of effective and efficient organizational development. More importantly participants will get an opportunity to share experiences, ideas and knowledge on organizational development40,000.00