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Two Days Training Courses

CourseTargetBrief Descriptioncost
Public procurementGovernment Institutions, Private sectorThis is a two day course. In the advent of the new procurement has become increasingly complex. This course seeks to expose procurement officers to modern procurement process in line with the PPOA requirements.35,000.00
Small Enterprise ManagementSmall and medium enterprise owners, Business managersThis is two day course. this course seeks to tackle the dynamics of small and medium enterprises(SMEs) and endow participants with key business management skills30,000.00
Management of customers and Front office Public RelationsFront office personnel Personal secretaries Office managers and administrator Public relations officers Secretaries and receptionistThis is two day course. Good customer relations are at the core process of attracting and retaining customers. The course will impart necessary people management skills to participants to enable them manage this process completely in light of growing corporate competition30,000.00
Logistics ManagementManagers and staff at supervisory levels in shipping and transport companyThis is two day course. The course is meant to equip participants with skills that will make them better in the management of the activity of transporting goods to customers or to places where they are bought and sold.40,000.00